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Green New Deal Homes are a solution to build for the future we need, right now.

Climate Change
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Climate Change

Nearly 40% of annual energy consumption and CO2 emissions come from buildings, half of that from our homes. The main source of housing-associated CO2 emissions is the burning of fossil fuels (gas, oil and propane) for household energy consumption.


We can’t mitigate climate change without transforming the way we build. New investment in housing and related infrastructure must facilitate and prioritize widespread access to and adoption of renewable energy sources. 


We don’t need fossil fuels to power our homes. We have the knowledge and the technologies to create zero-emission homes everywhere, but green building remains the exception instead of the rule. We are trying to remove the barriers to building green, because time is running out.

Green For ALL

Housing injustice and environmental injustice are linked, both historically and presently. We can help mitigate climate change AND housing and environmental injustice by creating widespread access to green homes and green jobs that are healthy for people and healthy for the planet.


Green New Deal Homes plans are made available at low cost in order to advance widespread access to sustainable housing. ​​We also offer education, technical assistance, and consulting to support the development of green homes and our green construction workforce.


To quote the Dream Corps Green For All Program,  we have joined the “fight for a world that is green for all, not green for some.” Our work is intended “to advance solutions to poverty and pollution.” 

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Building Right

Green New Deal Homes are designed for efficiency and conservation. Even without solar panels, these houses require just 25-35% of the energy a new home built to standard energy code would require.


We can transform the housing industry so that new homes don't generate CO2 emissions by building energy efficient homes powered only by electricity, and by generating the needed electricity with renewable energy sources. We can also reduce the demand on the electricity grid by producing some of that renewable electricity on site with solar panels on each house. 


Green New Deal Homes provide a model for exactly this kind of housing.


By designing Green New Deal Homes with familiar materials and standardized assemblies and details, we reduce the learning curve to build to this standard. We provide comprehensive building documents and specifications, to help ensure the success of each building project.

Green For ALL
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