Design that’s good for the people and good for the planet.


What We Do


We create plans for zero energy homes with readily available materials and tested, reproducible assemblies. We offer licensed use of our designs at scaled pricing to eliminate barriers to access. We provide a product not currently on the market in our cold climate: smartly-designed super-efficient homes built with cost-effective, proven best practices. 


By creating well-designed, ready-to-use zero energy home plans with standardized construction details, we hope to set the direction for the future of housing. By offering education, technical assistance and consulting, we hope to drive systemic change toward equal opportunity in a green society.

Our concepts are founded in deep understanding and our solutions come from years of experience working as creative critical thinkers and changemakers in both public and private sectors. We are here to contribute to the greater movement to build a healthy and fair society for the many, not the few.

Net Zero


A Zero Net Energy home is a super-efficient building with a renewable energy system that produces as much energy each year as the house consumes each year. In a Green New Deal Home, the renewable energy system is a solar photovoltaic (PV) array mounted on the roof or the ground, sized to produce enough electricity each year to power the house. 


Green New Deal Homes are all electric - no fossil fuels are burned on site. Each house is connected to the electric utility grid. The grid acts as a “bank,” receiving electricity from the home’s solar PV array when the array is producing more energy than the house is consuming and distributing electricity from the grid to the house when the solar array isn’t producing the energy the home requires.


Zero net energy homes:

  • Optimize energy efficiency through airtight construction and extra insulation.

  • Are designed to use the sun’s energy, which is renewable and clean.

  • Operate with passive solar energy and electricity

  • Have very low annual utility costs.

  • Increase in value over time.


Our Details


From the capillary break on the footing to the depth of the roof overhang (and everything in between), the details are what make Green New Deal Homes special and what make the houses work. We use an integrated approach to optimize the balance between the parts to build the house and the systems to run the house.

  • Super-insulated walls, floors and ceilings and airtight construction details create an enclosure that conserves energy and stays comfortable in the coldest (or the hottest) weather.

  • Low building energy loads allow for smaller equipment and smaller ductwork. 

  • All-electric operation and low loads allow all energy needs to be met with clean energy.

  • Chases and soffits facilitate straightforward distribution of conditioned air to the living spaces.

  • Typical equipment in a Green New Deal Home:

    • Domestic hot water is delivered via a heat pump water heater.

    • A high-efficiency ventilation system brings in filtered fresh air and expels stale air.

    • A high-efficiency cold climate air source heat pump with built-in backup electric resistance heat provides reliable heating and cooling.

    • A whole house energy monitor lets occupants see how much energy the house is using and how much is being produced by the solar array.