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Green New Deal Homes are not designed with attached garages. Why? 

  • Indoor air quality in a home is of utmost importance. Attaching a garage to a house requires careful and vigilant separation of the two spaces to keep any fumes from cars (or volatile items stored in a garage) out of the house.

  • Detached garages allow for building placement and land development most responsive to each unique building site. The detached garage can be located with a driveway where it best suits the house, and the finished floor elevation of the house and the garage can be different, tailored to the conditions on the building site.

  • The simple roof forms on each Green New Deal Home allow for effective management of rainwater and snow. In addition to complicating the floor levels, site drainage and building orientation; attaching a garage to a home often also complicates the rooflines, which adds cost and makes it even harder to manage water and snow.

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